Moving around Athens

 Local Transportation

The Athens public transportation network offers a wide range of routes, combining many different means, including the metro, trains, buses, trolleybuses and the tram. Airport to city center transportation by metro takes 40 minutes and costs €10 (2021 rates).

The state-of-the-art Athens Metro serves all major city spots and sites of interest with several new stations being added to the network every year.
Apart from safety, speed and comfort, passengers also enjoy the unique opportunity to see in-station displays of the ancient ruins and findings that were discovered during the metro construction.

The Athens Tram (inaugurated in 2004) completes the transportation network of Athens Metropolitan area and offers a charming ride along the coastline of the city, from Voula to Faliro.

              DURATION                                    Cost (as of 2021)                                       
Metro & Suburban train       40 minutes  10 Euros (one way)
Express Shuttle 40 minutes  6 Euros (one way)
Taxi 30 minutes 38 Euros (fixed rate)

Unlimited transportation ticket
(bus, metro, tram)

excluding airport routes

 90 minutes  1.40 Euros
 24 hours  4.50 Euros
5 days  9 Euros